Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Fruitarian Journey, Part 1

Okay, here it is, folks. Everyone's been asking me about the fruitarian lifestyle, why I chose to become a fruitarian, and how in the world can fruit truly satisfy the human body without the aid of other types of food.

I'll answer all the questions I've received over the past year of why I moved into the lifestyle. If anyone has additional comments/questions, be free to leave them here.

After beginning the vegetarian lifestyle in '06 I continued to do research into human physiology, anatomy and biology, and included the study of indigenous cultures, world spiritualities, and ancient history. After examining the evidence from these and related fields, it was clear the original and primal diet of humankind was and still is fruit--that food from the earth which bears and maintains seed(s) within itself.

Food, technically defined, is that which bears three properties which nonfoods cannot and will never have. Namely, the energy contained within will excite the energy inherent within the body. Food does not give the body fuel, like gasoline gives an automobile its ability to move. The body already has its own energy supply. This explains the existence of meridians, chakras, and the ability of someone who fasts for long periods of time to continue with regular daily activity. An automobile without gasoline is useless, while the human body can go for weeks without food.

Second, food as technically define digests quickly and easily. Digestion by definition means it is chewed thoroughly into a liquid, and when entering the colon and small intestine, its nutrient content is fully utilized by the human body. Whatever excess minerals are taken in are formed into waste products such as sweat, urine and fecal matter, and evacuated from the body within an hour of eating. Any elimination longer than this means one is constipated and must cleanse through fasting, fruit ingestion, and, if a healer's or a self-diagnosis indicates, the use of herbal remedies.

Third, food as technically defined retains its mineral content, chemical structure, and electromagnetic energy. There is no substance in existence which can be defined as food if it lacks its full chemical structure, mineral content, and bioelectromagnetic energy. If one uses Kirlian photography s/he can see the electromagnetic field surrounding a living thing. We call this field an aura, and some are trained enough to see it with their naked third eye, better known as the pineal gland. Kirlian photography uses a special camera lens to sense this energy. David Wolfe's The Sunfood Diet Success System has a myriad of pictures using this method of photosensitivity.

Meat eating, drinking calf's milk and eating its mold which we call cheese is detrimental to the human system. Eating starchy foods, salt and concentrated sugar are dangerous habits for us, especially melanated peoples.

Melanated people include all brown and black-skinned individuals living on this planet. Melanin is a biochemical that causes an increase in one's sensitivity to both nutrients and toxins. This means that Africans ("Black folks," "African-Americans") cannot digest these substances because they remain in the body and murder the various cells, tissues, glands and organs contained within. Cookies, cake, rolls, mineral salt, rock salt, Celtic sea sea salt, brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, honey and maple syrup will kill you, Black Wo/Man!

Don't do it...

Again, all these poisons mentioned above have acidic qualities, and as a health counselor, would never advise you to eat them if you had cancer, AIDS, the flu, a cold, or even a runny nose. All fresh fruit is alkaline, including lemons and limes. Don't let the bitter taste fool you. We've been taught they must be acid because they're bitter. But chemically they're alkaline. When our saliva makes contact with the lemon/lime juice and enters the bloodstream, it's received as an alkaline substance. This explains why lemons are so cleansing, refreshing, and provide a kick to the body when digested.

These dietary laws apply to 'vegan' food, which for most is too much starch and not enough raw food. There are some I've met who live on mostly raw plant foods and only occasionally deal with veggie patties, veggie sausage, veggie pizza (which usually has milk mold--cheese--on it). This is still a good way of eating, for the raw plants power their bodies on a much higher level than most others on the starchy diet.

Much of the vegetarian food industry is filled with serial killers (no pun intended here). If it's in a box, bag, or shrink wrapped, then it's poison, unless the folks made something fresh and simply placed it in a container. We're good at that point.

Any nonfood substance kills the brain first, and death of the brain coincides with reproductive death. Fruit gives these organ systems a potency that one will never feel in another way of living, and I know from personal experience by eating a mostly fruit diet for the past year, then paring that down even further till the present day, that your spirit, your thinking, and your body become liberated In fact, after becoming a vegetarian these points rang true, and increased after moving on to fruitarianism.

Furthermore, your sexual capacity increases in such a great manner where even the use of herbs is unnecessary. Longevity and staying power increase. Desire increases in the sense of balance. Nonfoods stimulate the sex organs and one becomes a slave to it, instead of its master. You, Brother/Sister, are the master of your lower self. This is what our ancient masters taught, and they lived to be hundreds of years old and retained their sexual energy through their lifespan. Peep the scroll called Bershit, which we call Genesis in the Bible. We find Adamu and Chuwa (Eve) living to be nearly 1,000 years old, and they had children well into their hundreds.

Wo/men experience sexual dysfunction because of emotional issues and the clogging of the tissues that make up the sex organs. Fruitarianism cleanses these areas to the point where one may cease the use of sexual herbal remedies.

Starch, for intance, clogs the porous sponge tissue that we call the penis. No, Brothas, the penis is not a muscle; it does not contain muscle tissue. It's a sponge and fills with blood when we're aroused. If those holes/pockets are packed with starch and sugar, then it won't operate properly. Remember when sugar was left too long on our plates and kitchen counters? It hardened and was difficult to remove. What about pancake batter and cookie dough? Same thing occurs after ingesting too much starch. It hardens and is difficult to remove.

This principle of sexual cleanliness applies to the woman's vagina, with the exception that the vagina is a muscle. Thus, ladies and gentleman, we actually have a superior functioning sex organ in the woman, not the man. In fact, the vagina contains hundreds of muscles, which explains why a woman with full understanding of her body can put a man out of commission in the bedroom. Behold the power of the Woman!

Fruit facilitates healing energy everywhere in the body; it leaves the stomach within thirty minutes, sometimes longer if you eat a fatty, nonsweet fruit such as avocado, nuts, and olives.

In the next blog on the fruitaian lifestyle I'll address the various definitions people have of fruit, what fruit is from a scientific perspective, and the intricacies of living the lifestyle, including water consumption.


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